Thursday, September 29, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-09-29 at 9.45.42 AMI recommend taking 30 minutes to watch this video. A Protestant Christian is confronting people on the street. He starts with Hitler and the slaughter of innocent people and then uses it with precision in his questions about abortion, heaven and hell.

In this short video young people are interviewed on the street. It is stunning how so many young people have no idea who Hitler was, no idea that the Holocaust really happened or how many people were killed. Most have no idea how Hitler brainwashed people to accept killing.

This video demonstrates how people try to justify evil behavior and often don’t see their own hypocrisy. It shows how poorly most people reason through moral issues and are brainwashed by the culture. And it also shows how the old quote, “He who ignores history is bound to repeat it,” is accurate.

This interviewer asks questions to make people realize how they are also brainwashed to accept abortion, and how ignoring God and the Commandments can only lead to hell. Hear his excellent examples and comparisons; he is talented at presenting ideas to help everyone understand the truth.

Here is the preview:  Here is the 30 minute movie:


New Catholic Vote Ap Free from iTunes and Android

by Steve Ray on September 29, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-09-29 at 9.07.08 AMI JUST DOWNLOADED THIS ON MY IPHONE!

SOUTH BEND, Indiana, SEPT. 28, 2011 ( The company that put confession preparation on the iPhone now has a tool for Catholic voters: CatholicVote Mobile, aimed to mobilize and unify those who want to get the Church’s view to Congress.

Little i Apps, LLC, makers of Confession: A Roman Catholic App, collaborated with in the development of the new app.

The service provides a method to contact members of Congress, as well as offering mobile access to’s blogs and news.

A one-touch method allows Catholic voters to more easily participate in the political forum. Based on a user’s GPS location or zip code, the app generates the contact information for their representative and senators. Users can select to automatically add this information to their contact lists or simply tap to connect.

“It was an incredible opportunity for Little i Apps to be a part of this project. We are excited about the potential impact an app like this could have on American politics,” said Patrick Leinen, co-founder of Little i Apps. “Imagine what could happen if every Catholic voter used the Contact My Representative option to contact their congressional representative or senator before a critical vote. With the launch of this app, has given voters an incredible tool. We can’t wait to see how they use it!”

CatholicVote Mobile is free and is available on the Android Market and the iTunes Store.

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