Anabaptist to Catholic: Australian Protestant Wanderer Finds Home

by Steve Ray on September 13, 2011


Brad Schilling

After spending 20 years in various Protestant denominations Brad Schilling found his home in the Catholic Church. Brad lives in Bunbury, Western Australia with his wife Marina and their three children.

The Beginning

Sometime in February 2010 I decided to attend a Catholic Mass. After 20 years of being a Protestant Christian I had come to the point where I could no longer bring myself to attend another church service. Over the years I had been a part of over 10 different denominations as well as helped to begin an Anabaptist like house-church. I was tired of wanting church to be more than a service that I watched. I remember thinking that Sunday morning, “Well, if Church is no more than the Sunday service then I will go to where they do it properly.”

As a postman in Bunbury I knew where all the churches were. So, I headed straight to St. Mary’s in Columba Street, South Bunbury. Only once before had I been in a Catholic Church. So, I had no idea of protocol, gestures, liturgy or the like. I told myself that today I would suspend any judgment on what I was to be part of. I was here to worship the risen Lord. So, that would be my focus and not the people, priest or the other distractions.

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