Monday, September 12, 2011

Running Thru Catholic Warsaw and Krakow

by Steve Ray on September 12, 2011

Landed in Warsaw last night. Charted my course and took off running first thing in the morning on Monday. I wanted to see Jewish and Catholic sites along with Polish history. Will do more later this week.

Check out my running trip today “Running thru Catholic and Free Warsaw Poland

(Also Janet and my 5 mile walk thru the heart of Krakow on Tuesday HERE. We have a map, videos and lots of pictures).

I remembering smuggling Bibles, money and medicine for Christians into Poland thru E. Germany in 1985. It was very tense in those days and very beautiful today – 25 years later.

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Why Don’t Other Religions Call Mary “Blessed”

by Steve Ray on September 12, 2011

This is an interesting article entitled Questioning the Questioners: Why Do You Not Honor Mary in Accordance With Scripture? It starts out saying,

Most of us who are Catholics eventually get asked, “Why do you Catholics worship Mary?” More often than not the question is not a real question it is a rhetorical question. A “rhetorical question,” is a “question” whose purpose is not to seek an answer, but, rather, to make a (usually hostile) point. For example the expression “Who do you think you are!?” is in the form of a question but it does not seek an answer. Instead it is meant as a rebuke. And so it usually is when we Catholics get asked the “question” Why do you worship Mary?” we’re usually aware that it is not a sincere question seeking a sincere answer. However, for those cases where an answer really is sought I might propose the following approach:

“Well, of course we don’t worship Mary since that would be a terrible sin. Worship belongs to God alone. We DO honor her though. After all, she is Jesus’ mother.

But let me ask you a question. Why in your church, do you NOT honor Mary at all? Doesn’t scripture say Every generation will call [Mary] blessed because God who is mighty has done great things for [her]? (Luke 1:48-49) It seems to me that we Catholics are fulfilling Scripture but that in your denomination you are not fulfilling or following it. So why don’t you honor her at all? Why don’t you call her blessed as the Bible says?”

Read the whole article here.