Monday, August 22, 2011

Today I Will Be the Guest on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on August 22, 2011

IMG_6906At 6:00 PM Eastern I will be answering questions from Non-Catholics on Catholic Answers Live.

After the show I will post the questions I answered and the audio links to listen to the show.

Pray for me today as I try to correctly represent the Catholic Church and give honor to Our Lord.

You can listen on-line at For more info and other listening options, click here.

Here is the article on Purgatory that I promised; and here are over a hundred other similar articles to explain and defend the Catholic Faith.

Questions I answered:

1) What is purgatory and why do Catholics believe in it?

2) I feel like God is talking to me about the Eucharist, but I went to a Catholic Church Sunday and they would not let me, an adult, take the Eucharist but they were allowing kids to partake. Why don’t they let other Christians share in the Eucharist?

3) How do you make the connection between Matthew 16:19 and the keys mentioned in Isaiah 22? I cannot see where Isaiah 22 is proving the office of the Pope.

4) You said Purgatory is a place where you come to a point of loving God more than yourself — or where you get good enough to get to heaven. Isn’t it true that God only expects the best we can do?

The callers were excellent, honest and true seekers so we took more time with each question. The hour just FLEW by!