Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not that I don’t like RealCatholicTV, I usually do like the content even if I often dislike the holier-than-thou tone. But it’s always interesting when one spends a good bit of his time finding chinks in others’ armor yet apparently hasn’t taken care to keep an eye on his own home base that well. Maybe he’s just been busy.

Problems at RealCatholicTV

Voris’ Response

Mark Shea’s Response to Voris Situation

Mark Shea’s latest National Catholic Review article on Voris HERE


Relevant Radio-Steve Ray-9569-93In July I gave a new talk at the main event at Franciscan University’s “Defending the Faith” conference in Steubenville Ohio.

The talk was entitled “Swimming Upstream: Living the Catholic Faith in a Neo-pagan Society.” It was very well received!

This new talk is now added to my list of over 75 prepared talks and presentations. I will soon have it for sale on my web store too.

If you are interested in this talk (or any of my other talks) at your parish or other event, let me know. Visit


Top 5 Downloads from my Free Resources

by Steve Ray on August 18, 2011

My website keeps track of the number of documents downloaded from my Resources — which are free for anyone to download and use.

Here are the Top Five over the last few months.

You can find them all and hundreds more by clicking on “Free Resources” on my Home page at

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