Friday, July 8, 2011

Final Corapi Update

by Steve Ray on July 8, 2011

Unless some big news happens, this will be my last post about Corapi. He’s become a rambling, broken, disobedient, lonely old man in a midlife crisis. In my estimation his collapse is no longer worthy news and of little interest. It is too sad to watch — like watching helplessly as a man refuses help while sinking into the mud of self denial and the slough of destruction.

In his latest video he exchanges a white priestly collar for a black leather Harley jacket. It is just too weird (who is his new publicist anyway?)

screen-capture-3His black-dyed goatee, cocky demeanor and the ominous black dog face looming behind him will seal the deal — the loss of all his followers and fans save the most unstable “groupies.”

I feel especially pained for all those who have been stung by his hypocrisy and betrayal and those who in good faith tried to give the con artist the benefit of the doubt, trying to charitably live out the gospel.I pray for God’s healing and that they go own confidently in the Catholic faith — knowing it is not built on one man but  on Jesus Christ and a solid foundation laid two thousand years ago!

The Catholic Church has never promoted “superstars” or the “cult of personality.’ She has rather promoted the quiet saint and the obedient servant. I praise God for those who rise up to preach boldly (Bishop Fulton Sheen, for example). We have many fine examples to emulate. One bad apple does not the bushel contaminate.

In the video it sounds as though he’s not only lost his priestly function and his sanity but his faith as well.

Unless something drastic changes, he has dwindled into oblivion and will be ignored by reasonable folks, including me. Pray for him? Yes! But pray more for the scandal he’s caused and the people he’s damaged. Evidence of his sad state can be seen in his latest video here, if you have five minutes to waste.

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As a friend said, “An interesting example of non-denial denial. The first things that leapt out at me were the parts of the SOLT statement he *didn’t* deny, or even mention.”

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