Questions Over Who Can Receive Communion Not Going Away

by Steve Ray on June 29, 2011

screen-capture-2My Friend and Canon Lawyer, Dr. Ed Peters, writes:

Questions over Canon 915 are not going away

As long as Canon 915 is so widely misunderstood and virtually ignored, neuralgic controversies over the public reception of holy Communion by certain notorious figures are going to keep arising, over, and over, and over again. And not just in America.

Robert Mugabe went to Communion at John Paul II’s beatification Mass…

Read about the aftermath here:

Article on the scandal at

UPDATE 7/1/2011:
A reply to Fr. William J. O’Malley’s comments on Canon 915 by Ed Peters:

Flawed arguments against applying Canon 915 in the Cuomo case persist, perhaps because sound arguments against applying the canon apparently don’t. Jesuit Fr. William O’Malley’s essay in America (20-27 June 2011) is just the latest example.

Read Peters’ reply here:

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