Do We Really Have a Pope? Some Say “NO”

by Steve Ray on June 15, 2011

There are several groups of schismatic Catholics who are called Sedvacanist. The word means “empty chair.” They think they are more Catholic than the Pope. They claim that Vatican II was illegitimate, there is no pope in Peter’s Chair and the new Mass is invalid. Such nonsense needs to be refuted since too many fall for their propoganda.

William Albrecht writes about his YouTube series: “In this Six Part Series I cover the 5-part video series that the schismatic Most Holy Family Monastery has released. In their video series they detail their position that the See of Peter is vacant (Sedevacantism in essence) and they reveal why they think the Novus Ordo–New Mass–is invalid. In this series I thoroughly refute every single significant argument that they levy against the Catholic faith.”

To watch William’s YouTube debates on this topic, click here.

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