Disgusted in the Air

by Steve Ray on June 9, 2011

Janet and I are flying from Rome to Tel Aviv. It is a comfortable flight but I am still nauseated.

There are four Dutch gays on the plane in front of us and across the isle. I could spot them instantly and they are utterly disgusting. Heading to gay bars in Tel Aviv no doubt. Yuck! Makes me afraid I’ll lose my lunch.

And we Americans are now celebrating Gay Pride Month in June — which I protested and opted out of (see below).

“Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!”


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Paul Prtimavera June 9, 2011 at 12:02 PM


Most big companies nowadays openly endorse the homosexual lifestyle as part of government-mandated diversity, tolerance and non-discrimination programs. We go through annual re-training programs on these very topics, and voicing dissent can get you fired. In fact, I was once reported to a former employer because I opposed this liberal manure openly at a Yahoo group forum. When I discovered that this employer gave money to pro-aboriton and pro-gay marriage groups, I sought a new job in a different company. While I succeeded in leaving that company for a better one, the same rubbish about sexual preference tolerance, diversity and non-discrimination is an integral part of this new company’s employee training. In fact, nowadays companies are doing internet searches of what employees say online even from their own personal computing equipment (not the company’s) while on their own time. Soon – I would guess in a matter of years – if your on-line presence doesn’t tow the company’s diversity line (e.g., you have a blog site that says homosexual behavior is sin and abortion is baby-murdering), then companies will be able to fire you. If Obama wins in 2012, what do you think is the possibility he would make that law by executive order, bypassing Congress? These are but the first steps in the coming persecution. Maybe I am too paranoid, but when I was a kid I never expected to see two men get romatically physical with each other in public.

Jim June 9, 2011 at 9:35 PM

I agree with you, Paul. I work for a global company, and we have to go through some training every three years.
It is pretty pathetic when you see the signs of the time, being forced on us today. Pretty soon, we may have to become self employed, to escape this kind of nonsense. People need to wake up!!!!

Sam December 15, 2011 at 4:48 PM

I don’t know if this article is being sarcastic or not, but if this is not the case then i have to say this:
Leviticus is the book of rituals, and in this book homosexuality is prohibited.
You know why?
Because at that time there were pagan rituals which involved sodomy and this is the sin they are talking about,not homosexuality.
Jesus also spoke about homosexuality.
For there are eunuchs who were born so from their mother’s womb; and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men; and there are eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. To him who can comprehend, that is enough.” (Matthew 19:12)
Guess who are the born eunuchs?
Yes, exactly.
Gay men were often eunuchs in ancient times.
So people, don’t always listen to what others say and always look for the truth by yourselves.
Peace and Love in Jesus Christ.

First, it was not sarcastic. I was dead serious. You are correct that homosexuality is not a sin IF you mean same sex attraction. But when that attraction is lived out in actions and the homosexual lifestyle it IS a sin. It is not just in Leviticus that it is recognized as a sin but it is condemned throughout the Bible, Old and New Testament. Someone has sold you a bill of goods about the background. Sodomy is an act of homosexuality and is a sin in and of itself. Eunuch is not synonymous with homosexual. Eunuchs were men who were castrated; those born eunuchs were men with defective genitals. There is NO evidence Jesus was referring to homosexuals. He would have never condoned homosexuality. Even if homosexuals were used in pagan cultures as guards of royal harems, this would never have been condoned by the Jewish Jesus. You have been duped in my estimation. Peace and love and obedience in Christ.

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