Detroit Archbishop Warns against Dissidents’ Group

by Steve Ray on June 7, 2011


Archbishop Vigneron has warned the faithful in Detroit (and others also) against attending the liturgy that will accompany the American Catholic Council June 11-12. They are a amalgamated group of malcontents, heretics, dissenters, feminists and hippie-left-overs from the 60’s and 70’s. They want to re-create the Church in their distorted image.

For more info read an article here and the Archbishop’s Letter here.

Dr. Hendeshott’s article in Catholic World Report “They’re Coming Back” alerted the Call to Holiness about the American Catholic Council Conference this Pentecost Sunday. Plans started to roll for Call to Fidelity, the Power of Truth Conference.

To join the conference June 11 responding to the dissidents, visit Call To Fidelity.

Headline Story in Detroit Free Press

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