Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 7; What an Exciting Day!

by Steve Ray on May 4, 2011

This was a moving and intense day. No one got through the day untouched! There will be three parts. Here is Part I.

Part I: Audience with the Pope; Blessed John Paul II Museum (and tears).

Part II: The Main Churches in Rome — St. John Lateran, St. Mary Major & St. Paul Outside the Walls


ProLife and Planned Parenthood in the News

by Steve Ray on May 4, 2011

Late term abortionist hit with investigation
Santorum: P.Parenthood practices eugenics
Marriage advocates ask to throw out ruling
Obama and Easter LifeSiteNews report
Kan. to ban Planned Parenthood funding
Kansas bill forces abortionists to upgrade
Indiana defunds Planned Parenthood
Florida lawmakers pass pro-life bills
P. Parenthood child rape case resolved
Nat. Review: 5 Planned Parenthood facts
Planned Parenthood cranks lobby efforts
Youth saying NO to Planned Parenthood

No taxpayer $ for abortion House vote


An Evening with Paul Badde

by Steve Ray on May 4, 2011

FAGO-H“The Face of God” is a great new book that reads like a detective novel yet it is true. Paul Badde’s tracks down the face cloth of Christ which had been found in the tomb after Jesus’ resurrection.

It is a great read and I encourage everyone to get a copy from Ignatius Press, either in book form or electronically. Click the link and see another video specifically about the facecloth of Christ and the book (here).

We invited Paul to speak to our group and I’ve put together a 3 minute video to highlight the evening. He and his wife Ellen were very gracious and delightful, true believers and passionate for Christ and his Church.

Paul is a correspondent and writer from Germany who is stationed in Rome.

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