Thursday, April 28, 2011

Running thru Heart of Rome

by Steve Ray on April 28, 2011

Running thru churches and history of Rome. Click here for map, geo-tagged pictures and videos ` Running thru Rome


St. Ignatius Loyola with his foot on Martin Luther’s head.

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JPII Beatification: Day One: Arrival

by Steve Ray on April 28, 2011

All are tired but also exhilarated. We had a few miss their flights but all are arriving now.

We had Mass first, then time to enjoy a delicious lunch at Ristorante di Pilotta before checking into the hotel and going out to a rousing welcome dinner with great food, wine and music. Now all are settling into the beautiful Ergife Hotel getting ready for a big day today including Mass in the catacombs.

All are well, excited and fully enjoying the start of this trip. Tom Monaghan joined us today along with Teresa Tomeo and 58 filling the bus! Enjoy the movie of today.


Streaming Beatification on the Web

by Steve Ray on April 28, 2011

IMG_8674VATICAN CITY, APRIL 21, 2011 ( The Vatican will work through its official Twitter and Facebook pages to live-stream the vigil and beatification of John Paul II.

(Picture: Posters all through Rome!)

The Pontifical Council for Social Communications, in collaboration with the Vicariate of Rome and Vatican Radio, is promoting the beatification as an occasion to form an online community called “Digital Sentinels.”

The group will “bring the figure and words of the new Blessed to the digital world,” a statement explained.

“This is another great step for the Church in the digital world, an event of prayer and evangelization that cannot be missed by Catholics around the globe,” the note added.

On the Net:

Digital Sentinels:
Twitter page:!/Pope2YouVatican
Facebook page:!/vatican.johnpaul2