Abortion: Where are the Men?

by Steve Ray on April 22, 2011

Letters to the Editor, www.LifeSiteNews.com
Thursday, April 21, 2011,

Where are all the men? Is there no nobility or integrity left?

imagesSeveral weeks ago, one of my friends from Vancouver contacted me to ask for advice. A girl she knew was planning to have an abortion, and my friend needed advice on what to say. Over the next two weeks, I and another one of my pro-life friends from Vancouver, attempted to help her to convince this young woman not to abort her child.

The girl, initially open to discussion, had her phone taken away by her boyfriend, and was eventually coerced into having an abortion by a man who saw his own future as more important than the offspring he had fathered.

This is when a question struck me: what has manhood in today’s culture become when two girls in Vancouver are fighting harder for the life of a child than the baby’s own father? …

…One of my friends who regularly pickets abortion clinics has informed me that we would be shocked to see how many sobbing girls are pushed into abortion clinics by their angry boyfriends and fathers. Perhaps more women would stop being “pro-choice” about killing pre-born children if the fathers of these children would stop being “pro-choice” about actually shouldering their responsibilities, as has been the tradition of true manhood in the past.

That men think that sex is purely recreational and has no consequences is imbecilic and delusional.

That men would send their girlfriends, sisters, and wives to have their bodies violated in an absurd crime against nature and have their offspring dismembered is the most disgusting abrogation of responsibility by males in this century….

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