Sunday, April 17, 2011

Intrepid Pilgrim Runners around Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on April 17, 2011

Three pilgrims joined me for a run around the Old City of Jerusalem today on Palm Sunday. It was a feast for the senses along with the mind, the body and the heart. We just about killed poor Chris the seminarian.

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Christians March thru Jerusalem – link fixed

by Steve Ray on April 17, 2011

It is Palm Sunday and Christians in the Holy Land (only 1.5%of the population) are making their presence felt today. Moving, uplifting, joyous – celebrating the Life and Passion of Christ. Palm branches everywhere!



Day 6: Gethsemane, Western Wall & more

by Steve Ray on April 17, 2011

In Jerusalem on Palm Sunday!

Day 6, Part I

Part II