Saturday, April 9, 2011

Security and our Passports

by Steve Ray on April 9, 2011

The back of our passports are covered with about 100 colorful security stickers.

Janet is second checked by security in Amsterdam because she looks so threatening.

Israel is smart and profiles. I doubt the politically-correct Western World will ever get that smart.

Now that we’ve passed thru the gauntlet we’re on our way to Tel Aviv to prepare for our April group.

No worries. The trouble in Israel shown on the news is way south in Gaza – far from the holy sites we visit.




Meditation Centers

by Steve Ray on April 9, 2011

Janet and I are on a layover in Amsterdam on our way to Israel. You never see anything Christian here but Muslims are everywhere. Also, as an aside, 10% of Holland’s gross national product is sex.

In the airport you find Meditation Centers. I guarantee these were Catholic Chapels in years past. Now they are politically correct and ecumenical “Meditation Centers” which are filled with Muslims.

Catholics in Europe, you’re losing it! Europe, you are losing it! Beware America! You are next!




Attempted Deaconate Ordination by a Woman

by Steve Ray on April 9, 2011

Ed Peters, Canon Lawyer and Friend, writes:

By seeking diaconal orders, did Norma Jean Coon commit “heresy”?

The Norma Jean Coon case, which began so terribly and ended so beautifully, continues to occasion discussion.

One line of thought has lately caught my eye: in light of Canons 750-751 and ap. lit. Ordinatio sacerdotalis (1994), Coon’s seeking of diaconal orders was tantamount to her committing the delict of heresy and resulted in her being automatically excommunicated under Canon 1364.

I don’t think so.

Read why here: