Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on April 4, 2011

Tonight I was on Catholic Answers Live answering Questions from Non-Catholics. Here is the audio link to listen on line. For more listening options, click here.

Here are the questions I answered:

1) Southern Baptist asked: “To what do you attribute the Catholic Church’s unwavering stance on the Pro-Live Movement”?

2) Protestant asked: “If the purpose of purgatory is healing, why are prayers said to get people out quickly”?

3) Seventh Day Adventist: “How does the Catholic Church explain the change of worshiping from Saturday to Sunday”?

4) Baptist asked: “Why is there such a focus on the worship of Mary in the Catholic Church?”

5) An Assembly of God member asked: “Why is it necessary for Catholics to confess their sins to a priest”?

6) American Baptist asked, “Why is the Pope elected, since no one else in the Church is”?

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Renita April 5, 2011 at 4:32 AM

Hi Steve,

Do you have the answers to the above mentioned questions in an article?


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