Catholic Answers Live – Making the Most of Lent

by Steve Ray on March 10, 2011

ashwedOn Wednesday I was the first guest on Catholic Answers Live. The topic was “Getting the Most Out of Lent.’

Below are the questions I answered. To hear the broadcast on-line, click here; and for more listening options, click here.

1)  Should I keep my ashes on my forehead when I go to work? What if the boss tells me I have to wash them off?
2) What is the biblical basis for Lent?
3) What day is the end of Lent? Why is it not exactly 40 days?
4) Is chicken considered meat? I want to give up meat for Lent. What are the rules?
5) When I was young my mother never ate meat on Fridays? Why has that changed?
6) What is Ash Wednesday?

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