What About the Pope’s Comments on the Jews and the Death of Christ

by Steve Ray on March 3, 2011

I was asked: I would like to ask you to please comment on the Popes recent statement that there is no scriptural basis that the Jews killed Jesus. http://www.examiner.com/jesus-christ-in-national/jesus-christ-not-killed-by-jews-says-pope-benedict-xvi

My answer: It is not time to comment yet. Experience tells that when we read a media review of the Pope’s words it is usually twisted or sensationalized by the media. It is best to wait until the book comes out and read this passage in context.

I trust that the Pope said what is exactly correct: the Jews today, and Jews in history, are not to be held responsible for the killing of Christ. It was their leaders, the mob and the Romans at that time — the contemporary Jewish leaders and Romans did kill Christ in the first century. We must remember however that MANY Jews — including priests (Acts 6:7) — followed and believed in Christ, then and thereafter. Jews today and throughout history are obviously not morally responsible for the death of Christ any more than an American living today is personally responsible for the slavery of the 19th century.

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Caroline June 28, 2012 at 5:04 PM

I don’t think we appreciate enough the absolute evil and despotism of the Roman world which Jesus and the Jews of that time lived through. The Jews were absolutely terrified of the Roman authorities — Roman law was absolutely brutal when it came to dealing with dissent. Remember, there were crucifixions, arenas with baited animals and gladiatorial fights, slavery, enforced prostitution,… As well, we don’t appreciate that there were so many “messiahs” springing up. There was a messiah here, another there, and then the legions would come in to enforce the martial laws. One may say, “But what of Jesus’ miracles? Wasn’t that proof enough?” Miracles happened … at the pool, where the first infirm person in the pool, the waters of which were stirred by an angel, would come out healed. The Jews, even of Christ’s time, are less culpable for handing him over to the brutal Roman authorities than Christians of today, who throw away Christ’s friendship (just to attend a stupid Lady Gaga concert, for example) even though their dissent is protected by human rights legislation.

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