Four Last Things in a Terrifying Story

by Steve Ray on February 20, 2011

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The Last Nightmare
A Short and Terrifying Story by Steve Ray

Scream.jpgEverything went blank for a moment, but that moment seemed like eternity. He felt a motion, not with wind and breeze, but a motion none the less. He was traveling, moving, floating, transcending-he wasn’t really sure. The sudden blackness gave him time to regain his thoughts, just enough time to recapture the last moments.

Though his first thoughts were garbled and dreamlike, they slowly began taking shape, like a tree seen through a thick fog, slowly it all came back to him out of the swirling, traveling, blank void. Utter confusion was giving way to bits of clarity.

They had rushed him to the hospital. He remembered the sirens and the cold hands of the paramedics. Cold hands all over his body, probing and poking. Yes, there had been screams, he remembered now—and the sound of sobbing.

Then the horrendous sound resurfaced, a sound that could be felt. It was a sound that had subsumed his whole being, wrapping itself around him, ripping through him. Then the sound of crunching metal, broken glass, and twisted carnage. What must have lasted only seconds seemed to him a long and troubling nightmare—then the dark, foggy void.

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Dave Russell February 11, 2011 at 3:25 AM

When you click to read the rest of the story it says there is no more. So far it sounds like a good Jack Chick tract, LOL! Want to read more.

STEVE RAY HERE: Link is now fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

Luke Juriga February 20, 2011 at 11:07 AM

These are the Juriga boys. We are happy that you made it safely to the Holy Land and hope you have a great time. We arrived safely at the condo and have been having a great time skiing. Luke thinks you need to get in the pictures more. Dad loved to see himself in the Holy land too. Love, Luke,John,Mark,Matthew,and Dad.

Matt, Tammy and Lukas Klemmer February 20, 2011 at 3:16 PM

Chris & John Klemmer,
Hi, we hope you guys are having a wonderful time. Congratulations on the renewal of your wedding vows, we were able to see it online! We miss you but are having a great time moving into our new home and making it ready for when you get to come see it. Abbey says hello and she really misses John. Enjoy your trip and be safe.
Tammy, Matt and Lukas

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