Saturday, February 19, 2011

Running with Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

by Steve Ray on February 19, 2011

I didn’t realize it would be quite so long and I made a wrong turn or two that turned this into a 14 mile run — and through hilly country. But I loved it and gave a few meditations along the way imagining walking along with Jesus.

Abu Ghosh is a site is known for two things: 1) a possible site for the city of Emmaus where Jesus walked with two disciples; and 2) the place where the Ark of the Old Covenant rested for 20 years before David came to fetch it for Jerusalem.

The walk to Emmaus is one of my favorite passages in Scripture and reflects the Mass — Jesus giving them the word and then the Bread. I love to meditate on that passage and imagine what Jesus might have said to them during their long walk.

Secondly, the Ark of the Old Covenant contained the word of God inscribed in stone but in Mary, the Ark of the New Covenant is the Word of God inscribed in flesh. The parallels are phenomenal and I mention a few as I run along the road.

You can see the YouTube short version below — or click here to see the map along with all the pictures and videos I took which are on


Day 2: Mt. Tabor, Cana & Nazareth

by Steve Ray on February 19, 2011

Another good day and everyone felt a lot better after a good night’s sleep. We took off early for Mount Tabor where the Transfiguration took place 2,000 years ago.

People always ask me, “How long did it take for Jesus and the three disciples to get to the top of the mountain?” I never had an answer until last week. I decided to climb-run to the top and back down. It took one hour and 15 minutes to get up and 45 minutes to come down the shorter side. You can see the video of that run here.

We had a great time on the top of Tabor (and in the whizzing taxis up and down). Then off to Cana in Galilee to renew wedding vows. One couple was celebrating 52 years of marriage.

Then to lunch in Nazareth before having Mass at the Grotto of the Annunciation where Gabriel announced the good news to Mary. We toured this church and got everyone back in time for a short rest and dinner. After dinner Fr. Shane sat with the group on the shore of the sea and gave a biblical reflection of all the things we had seen this day.