Friday, February 4, 2011

From Cocaine to Catholic

by Steve Ray on February 4, 2011

cocaineREX1510_468x334Rob Grassley wrote his conversion story and posted it here. It was very popular. Now he wrote a letter to a friend explaining in simple terms why he became Catholic — and why they should to. You might enjoy this short defense of the faith written in a kindly way to a good friend.

It starts out: “A Gentle, Loving, Inclusive Apologia to an ex-Catholic Friend

I woke up thinking about one of our conversations last night. Which I had a blast doing by the way. I wanted to say that even though my research has lead me to the Catholic Church, I by no means think that there aren’t people living the Christian life better than a lot of Catholics. Maybe even most Catholics.

You guys are an example of that, as I’m sure a good portion of your church is. My whole thing is  purely factual. I, if you didn’t notice, have a serious case of OCD.

I have to know all that can be known about something before I can believe it (Thomas). I had to research to see if Jesus started a Church, if so, what did it look like, and is it still around today.

To read the whole letter, click here.


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