Finished Conferences in India

by Steve Ray on January 30, 2011

We are DONE! After speaking to 30,000 people in India, sometimes 5 times a day, we’re now finished. The bishops, archbishops and sponsors said it was a huge success. Blessed be God!

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Joscelyn Dias January 30, 2011 at 2:17 PM

Thanks Steve and Janet for your commitment to India! God Bless!

Victor Chakravati January 30, 2011 at 11:55 PM

A Big Thank you for spending all those years, months, days, hours, minutes and each second on the research you have done to know the truth. We thank the Lord for giving you the grace to share that Truth with the world.


Denise Braganza January 31, 2011 at 12:47 AM

Dear Steve & Janet, we are truly blessed to have you both visit India. I was there the last time and attended this time too and will surely be there the next time. My faith is deeply strengthened, refreshed & renewed each time I am in your presence. You immense knowledge, research and brilliance shines forth. I saw the picture of your grandchildren there are awesome. Love you both!


Franas January 31, 2011 at 1:33 AM

God has done mighty works through you and Janet. You should write a sequel to “Crossing the Tiber” …

Catholic Defender January 31, 2011 at 4:06 AM

Praise to Jesus Christ for the success of your conferences in India. May your tribe increase.
God bless you.

Capt.Richard.F.Sequeira January 31, 2011 at 7:23 AM

Dear Janet and Steve,

Peace be with you

It was a great blessing and learning from you at the two days of talks that you gave at the Shanmukananda Hall in Matunga, Mumbai. The last 2 day series of talks that you gave on defending the faith was early 2011.These were teachings that you have given on various topics on the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church, The Bible, The Mother of God Mary, The Holy Eucharist, The Traditions, The Magesterium etc were very well researched ,linked and associated by you over the years from when you first started seeking truth from the facts about the Roman Catholic Church , and was 100% convinced by what you had read that this alone was the true Universal and Apostolic church that the Lord Jesus Christ started. Then from that point on till now and many 1000s of Books and Articles researched you have brought forth a pure filtering of the truth. The Roman Catholic Church is a Depository of the Truth of the Judeo Christian God and His People, as so are you Bro. Steve Ray, as significant depository of this truth , with your continuous and constant reading and research, your over 20,000 Books in your home library and over 3000 Books on your computer, your visits and journeys to the Biblical Lands of Israel, Egypt, and others. I have taken down a couple of hundred of pages of notes , bought your books and DVDs. They have educated and enlightened me. I am very happy to know that you have reached a few 10s of 1000s in India, and 100s of 1000s worldwide. Now what you need to do is do a good retreat ,consult with the Holy Spirit, and take all your apologetic and teaching and guiding work to another level altogether , and worldwide with the Catholic Church. You must with the Blessings of the Holy Father , which you already have , open the Steve Ray .College of Apologetics and Faith Formation. Then you can have others like you who will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and the True and Complete Knowledge about God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and their plan in action for the salvation of Mankind. The Roman Catholic Church is more than 1 Billion Souls and the Protestant Church More than 1 Billion Souls. These have to all be reached, that they may know the truth ( completely) and the truth will set them Free.
Your two days talks that are about 6-8 talks must be taught in every Seminary and Convent and Catholic and Christian School World Wide. This can be done by the Local ” Steve Ray ” alumni in each country. This can also be done by the Media like TV, DVDs, Youtube etc. This will cause a chain reaction that is empowered by God. This must be done as soon as possible as like any battle , Training, Planning, Execution of the Plan and Timing and Time is most important.
We live in a world today where many think and believe that being an atheist and agnostic is great and correct and they are Proud of it. They also hate the church. Then after these are those who say they believe and just hate the Roman Catholic Church, these are the present day “Protest”ants who protestant without knowing, the TRUE source, history, tradition and present stand of the Roman Catholic Church. Like you were once , Steve. About 6 months ago, the BBC ( known for its anti Catholic Bias) had a TV Debate .The Proposition was ” The Church is a source for good in the world ” For the proposition was the Bishop of Lagos Nigeria and a MP of the British Parliament who was a convert from the Anglican Church to the Roman Catholic Church and against was a well know Homosexual ( gay but not happy ) actor and an atheist columnist for a men’s magazine. To start with more than 50% of the audience did not believe that the Catholic Church was a force for the good. When the speeches and the debates were over another 10+ % did not believe .The reason being that those against the proposition spoke lies and quoted untruths of history, and those who were for the proposition could not make a proper attack and the counter attack and defend themselves and their Catholic Church. Recently there was another debate between the UKs ex Prime Minister Tony Blair and Christopher Hichens on the 6th and 12th of January’11 with an audience of 2000 in Toronto Canada. This time the proposition was Religion a force for the good Part 1 and 2 ? . Again a majority did not believe that it was from the start. After the speeches and the debates another 7 % did not believe . Making things worse. This not only happens on Prime time TV that is witnessed by 10s of Millions but every day in many small ways with our Catholic and Separated Christian Brothers and sisters. How Our Lord must have wept and the devil laughed by the small victory of his followers fighting against the very belief in God.
In the last of your talk and in conclusion you said that you had prayed and asked the Lord Jesus that you would like HIM to give you teaching, parable and example about your work, the present facts and the situation of the Roman Catholic Church today and the other Churches and the world . He gave you a wonderful example of a large Cruise Ship that was carrying many people on a grand voyage. You did the similarity beautifully. I am a Master Mariner Class 1 Foreign Going ( Unlimited Tonnage) ,thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother Mary who Blessed my hard work and studies, and also the many people who helped me achieve this and more. I have sailed on a Cruise Ship and have a vey good knowledge about the same ,its build, operations, safety and business.
You drew the similarity that the large cruise ship was the Catholic Church . Its Capitan was the Pope , its officers were the Cardinals, and Bishops. Its Crew were the Priest and Nuns and its passengers was the mystical body of Christ’s members. The water was the Word of God , and the destination Port was Heaven ! Wow that is very sailor like what you said. Then you said that somewhere and sometime along the way there were some disgruntled, grumbling passengers who decided that the Captain ( Pope)and his officers were not competent and professionally bad ( evil and very sinful ) so they decided to make a raft of wood and rope and then at night the let down the ropes and got into the rafts that they made, and they cast off. Now some sailed close to the church and others like the Jehova witness and other who denied the divinity of the church drifted far away….
Steve, now this Cruise Ship that you speak about that is the Catholic Church will never sink like the Titanic. That is one promise from its designer, builder and director the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who said that the “gates of Hell will never prevail against it “ . This is a solemn promise from the Sovereign God the Lord or lords and the God of gods . The designer, builder and owners of the Titanic said “ It was unsinkable ! and even God could not sink it !!” but it sank in its maiden voyage when it hit an iceberg , with a great loss of life. As there were less life rafts to carry and save the passengers, and no reserve buoyancy to save the ship. This is what will happen to other faiths that do not follow the “ Way the Truth and Life “ but follow the others who lie, steal and came to kill. One thing that every Master Mariner knows is that the ship is much safer and preferred than a life boat or a life raft in a storm or peril, unless it is absolutely certain that the ship will sink or be lost by fire or grounding . Now the ship that is the Catholic Church will never sink or be lost by fire or grounding, this is the promise of Jesus Christ. The first four hundred years the very spirit of the anti-Christ, did their best to eradicate it, they never succeeded .There were other serious threats from within and without , like serious fires .They were heresies and lies and invasions from Muslim forces, they too never succeeded . Then was the Protestant reformation in the 15 century , when some stole some of the life boats and the rafts of the Catholic Church ( its teachings..) and dropped down into the sea. These people need to come back to the Cruise Ship , the CS “ Catholic Church , they are at risk of being lost and dying. There are now 40,000 Protestant congregations and counting at 5 more every week. Some have come back to the RC Church like Tony Blair and 350,000 Anglicans like him . Just like a good ship keeps its water light integrity the RC church with great integrity and cooperation with the Holy Spirit, keeps its teachings, Biblical translations and interpretations and doctrines safe and secure and never allows error to come it. It never ‘waters down “ the teachings and always show that Satan and Sin are never acceptable and have Zero Tolerance or the same. Some Protestant churches have accepted, Homosexuality, Same Sex Marriage, Abortion, Gay rights, and like abused children who never knew a great and loving mothers love, rejected the Blessed Virgin Mary. They have interpreted the Holy Bible and have made a safe and well planned voyage a voyage of peril and risk for themselves and their followers in their life boats and life rafts.
Steve , I was very happy to meet you personally and share a minute speaking with you after the Holy Mass at Don Bosco church Matunga . Then as God alone would arrange it without our planning to share some more moments when our cars were stopped along each other in the traffic, where we could talk about the above through our windows. This to me is a small miracle. Our lives are full of these and bigger ones! When you see the Last Supper in your home think of me and my mission here in India and the world. In 1980 the Lord Jesus Christ used me as his instrument in Operation Pearl Bibles to China,run by Bro. Andrew. I gave then all the Ideas how to do this. Their target was 1 Million Bibles in a few years , but with one of my ideas they did 1 Million Bibles in one night with a Tug Boat and a Barge that delivered 380 MT of Bibles to a Chinese Christian Village on the coast. This still continues today and in 1995 the BBC commented that the whole area around Beijing is now Catholic and Christian ( they did not know and do not know that Catholic means universal) . I plan to something much bigger and better in India. After you left the hall and the talks were over , I witnessed to over 25 personnel of the Hall .I told them Jn 3;17-17 and where Jesus is mentioned in their Holy Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist scripture.I prayed over them and they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. I do this and healing and deliverance every day. India requires that every follower of Jesus Christ do the public Ministry of Jesus Christ and He has commanded them . As you wonderful wife said “ God is holding His breath until we say YES ! and Do the will of God “ AMEN .

God Bless you and your family and your Ministry

Your Bother in Our Lord Jesus Christ and in the Heart of the Best Mother Mary

Capt. Richard . Sequeira.

Caroline. January 31, 2011 at 2:14 PM

Dear Steve and Janet,

On behalf of my sister, family and friends, I ‘THANK YOU’ ! They could not make it, but I know, that they were all there in Spirit.

I also ‘THANK’ EVERYONE who was responsible for hosting this event. GOD BLESS THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES TOO!


Warm Regards,

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