Debate on Mary

by Steve Ray on January 28, 2011

glorious5If you would to hear a debate on Mary, you can click here (it takes a few minutes to download.)

I thought William Albrecht did a great job of presenting the Catholic case and ably defending the Catholic understanding of Mary. The Protestant “TurretinFan” takes such a minimalist position that it is difficult to expose it all in such a short debate. William did an able job defending the premise of the debate “Does the Bible Teach the Veneration of Mary?”.

My friend William Albrecht takes the affirmative; the anonymous TurretinFan takes the negative. TurretinFan is obviously a bright young man who did as well as could be expected, but with the minimalist tradition he has accepted he is at a disadvantage.

Anti-Catholics usually only accept debates in which the Catholic is forced to prove a positive when the Protestant has the easy job of “taking pot shots”. I would like to see them debate with the premise “Sola Scripture Fosters Division and Confusion within Christianity.” I doubt you will find many accepting that debate any time soon.

You can see William Albrecht’s blog here along with all his other debates and projects.

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Jameson April 29, 2009 at 2:19 PM

that was a great debate. William was clear in his presentation and you could clearly see that tfan just didn’t get it. william was smart in pointing out how it doesn’t matter whether it’s a command or not but its a FACT that all generations will call Mary blessed. great debate and as usual great job by William. His opening and his closing were so well crafted that i am impressed. thanks for this link steve.

in christ

tiber jumper April 29, 2009 at 5:42 PM

Hey Steve:
Sorry to put an unrelated comment here, but I recently corrected the “modalist theology” of my Nicean Blues that our reformed brothers were quick to point out and caused a bit of a ruckus for you, sorry bout that.
Here’s the studio version that will be out on my new Catholic CD. Yes I know, Shameless self promotion, but all for the Glory of God, and a few chuckles along the way.
God bless what you do!

Michael R January 29, 2011 at 1:58 PM

Hello Steve,

I enjoyed the debate. As I was listening to it, I noticed that TuritenFan questioned the meaning of \All generations shall call me blessed\.

All TuritenFan had to do was admit the passage was true and the case was closed. He wanted to question that it was a command vs. factual statement. There really was no need to read it as either as just the admission that the statement is true is enough to close the case in favor of the Catholic position.

The debate was very well done, and I am familiar with the tactics that some of the reformed churches use. They try to dodge the issue of the language and impose a meaning while attempting to state we are guilty of what they are in fact doing.

I enjoyed listening a great deal!! Thanks for posting!

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