Friday, January 28, 2011

Debate on Mary

by Steve Ray on January 28, 2011

glorious5If you would to hear a debate on Mary, you can click here (it takes a few minutes to download.)

I thought William Albrecht did a great job of presenting the Catholic case and ably defending the Catholic understanding of Mary. The Protestant “TurretinFan” takes such a minimalist position that it is difficult to expose it all in such a short debate. William did an able job defending the premise of the debate “Does the Bible Teach the Veneration of Mary?”.

My friend William Albrecht takes the affirmative; the anonymous TurretinFan takes the negative. TurretinFan is obviously a bright young man who did as well as could be expected, but with the minimalist tradition he has accepted he is at a disadvantage.

Anti-Catholics usually only accept debates in which the Catholic is forced to prove a positive when the Protestant has the easy job of “taking pot shots”. I would like to see them debate with the premise “Sola Scripture Fosters Division and Confusion within Christianity.” I doubt you will find many accepting that debate any time soon.

You can see William Albrecht’s blog here along with all his other debates and projects.


In the News

by Steve Ray on January 28, 2011

Twenty-six states join in lawsuit against ObamaCare here

European Union removes Christian holidays from it calendar here. Get ready America! It won’t be long before it happens here.

Islamic scholars break off talks with the Vatican here. Does this surprise anyone? You cannot dialog with Muslims. Bishops in Muslim countries already know this.