Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long Hot Blessed Day in Goa

by Steve Ray on January 22, 2011

Today speaking five times for 1.5 hours each time to 2000 wonderful Indians. A new thing for me: speaking with a translator!

Record temperatures in India. I gave 5 talks in high 90’s. I was drenched in sweat but I LOVE serving the Lord and his Church.

Same temperatures and schedule tomorrow.

The first pictures are from the seminar at Pilar Center during the day. The last two pictures are from the evening talk at St. Jerome’s Church in Mapuca Goa.

Janet’s ankle is getting better after her tumble down the stairs four days ago. I am so happy she is recovering quickly.



What Does Abortion Look Like?

by Steve Ray on January 22, 2011

image001Remember this when you support or talk to those pro-choice legislators and presidents.

Remember this when we choose to do nothing to defend innocent human life. What will God say at the great judgment if we remain silent in view of this holocaust!

image023Three pictures:

1: 9 weeks

2: 10 weeks

3: 3rd trimester girl with
head removed during a
partial birth abortion.

image022Shame on America!

Shame on our new president!

Shame on the Supreme Court!

Shame on our Congress!

Shame on us!

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Why No Baby Should be Aborted

by Steve Ray on January 22, 2011

This ad was produced by and airedg on BET Cable Network. Also, check out which shows the most dangerous place for an African American to be is not on the streets of the inner city, but in the womb of their African American mother.

In fact, it was just reported that among blacks living in New York City, 6 out of 10 pregnancies end in abortion!

For more like this, read my article “Should This Baby Be Aborted? You Decide!