Running 5 Miles thru Pune India – better video and pictures than yesterday

by Steve Ray on January 16, 2011

Just posted a Running trip, “2011-01-16 in Pune India running 4.8 miles. Check it out here:

I think the pictures and videos are better than yesterday’s. I went in a new direction but it was much the same.

While there is much poverty and dirt there are also people dressed in nice cloths and some nice shops and cars too. And the people are very friendly. It is a potpourri of contrasts and is very exotic and different and exciting.

The people are very friendly and kind and very shy and generous. I would say in general people are happier and more kind than most people in Western countries. It was an exotic, off-the-beaten-trail run of adventure, mingling with the local Indians.

Today I spoke three times for almost 2 hours each to packed churches with hungry Catholics standing in the isles desiring to know how to defend and share the Faith in a Hindu and Muslim country with increasing Protestant influence.

We are filling them with hope and teaching them to stand up for Jesus and His Church. God is good and I am so proud to be Catholic!


My run along the beach of the Indian Ocean in Mumbai — click here

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Rosemary January 18, 2011 at 11:33 PM

Steve Ray, I listen to you all the time on Catholic Answers… and I know you’re in India now. I’m an Indian and was so happy to know this. I’m in Delhi – will you be coming to Delhi at all and if so, where? Is there any way to meet you while you are here?


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