Saturday, January 15, 2011

Video of our First Day in Bombay

by Steve Ray on January 15, 2011

See our first day in India:



4 Mile Run thru Pune India – Amazing

by Steve Ray on January 15, 2011

Today I took off tuning thru the city of Pune. The GPS struggled since the is no 3G and spotty Internet access. I also took lots of pictures and videos.

It is a different, exotic, interesting place. Since putting this video up I have been to other areas of India and India has a great diversity of lifestyles and scenery. After having visited Goa it is clear that many parts of India a wealthy and on the move. Much is changing here. The people I am dealing with here are wonderful and successful people.

Sacred cows, cats with rats, Muslims, Hindus, Christians – mosques, temple and churches. It’s another world. I love being here sharing the truth of the Catholic faith and sharing the adventures with you. It is a great adventure being here.

Just posted a Running trip, “2011-01-15 Pune India”, to @everytrail. Check it out here: here.

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