Friday, January 14, 2011 – Benedict XVI to Beatify John Paul II

by Steve Ray on January 14, 2011

pope john paul 2Benedict XVI is planning to preside over the beatification rite for John Paul II on May 1, Divine Mercy Sunday, in the Vatican.

A communiqué from the Congregation for Saints’ Causes announced that today the Pope, in an audience with the congregation’s prefect, Cardinal Angelo Amato, “authorized the dicastery to promulgate the decree of the miracle attributed to the intercession of Venerable Servant of God John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla).”

This was the final step in the process preceding the beatification rite, which will be celebrated on Divine Mercy Sunday, a feast day instituted by John Paul II.

The communiqué noted: “It is well known that, by pontifical dispensation, his cause began before the end of the five-year period which the current norms stipulate must pass following the death of a Servant of God.

“This provision was solicited by the great fame of sanctity which Pope John Paul II enjoyed during his life, in his death and after his death.

“In all other ways, the normal canonical dispositions concerning causes of beatification and canonization were observed in full.”

The diocesan investigation into the cause for beatification of the Pontiff took place between June 2005 and April 2007. On Dec. 19, 2009, Benedict XVI authorized the promulgation of the decree on his predecessor’s heroic virtue.


The congregation then examined the report of a miraculous healing through the intercession of John Paul II: the cure from Parkinson’s disease of Sister Marie Simon Pierre Normand of the Little Sisters of Catholic Motherhood.

The reports of medical and legal experts on the French nun’s healing were submitted to the dicastery for scientific examination last Oct. 21.

The congregation noted that its experts, “having studied the depositions and the entire documentation with their customary scrupulousness, expressed their agreement concerning the scientifically inexplicable nature of the healing.”

Thus, on Dec. 14, the theological consulters began an evaluation of the case, and “unanimously recognized the unicity, antecedence and choral nature of the invocation made to Servant of God John Paul II, whose intercession was effective in this prodigious healing.”

On Tuesday, during the ordinary session of the congregation, the members expressed their “unanimous approval.”

The prelates expressed belief in the miraculous nature of the recovery of Sister Marie Simon Pierre, “having been achieved by God in a scientifically inexplicable manner following the intercession of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, trustingly invoked both by Sister Simon herself and by many other faithful.” The conclusions were then submitted to Benedict XVI for approval.

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Updated SuperFoods Chart & Progress on Health

by Steve Ray on January 14, 2011

IMG_6588I POSTED THIS TWO YEARS AGO. We had made New Year’s resolutions on January 1, 2009 to get healthy and stay fit. By the grace of God and the encouragement of family we did it!

So, to encourage others, I decided to re-post my original blog. We need to be serious about God’s gift to us —  our bodies and our health.

Janet and I have maintained our weight loss, changed our lifestyle and continued exercising together.  Our bodies will demand our attention sooner or later — we take care of them now or we have a heart attack or stroke and either die or are forced to pay attention to our body then.

I chose to take my health seriously now, before my body forces me to take it seriously later under much more difficult circumstances.


A few months ago I posted my weigh loss goals, our progress, and how we were doing it. I provided a colorful SuperFoods Chart and a book that had helped us greatly with the right kind of great foods to eat for health.

So here is an update. I have finally reached my goal of 155 pounds! I started the year at 183 and was sluggish with high blood pressure, high glucose and high cholestorel. Now I feel like a kid again with loads of energy and all my stats are normal — and achieved naturally, not with drugs.

Janet and I are exercising (along with our son Jesse too). She rides a bike and I run on the treadmill. We always do it together while watching movies in our little gym we set up at home. Jesse and I run together outside too (see the picture :-)

screen-capture1I had a great time on our last trip to the Holy Land since I took off in the morning every other day and ran through Jericho, out into the Judean Wilderness, around the Old City Walls of Jerusalem, through the gates to the Western Wall, to Capernaum and back from Tabgha, and more. It was great fun, very healthy and a good way to see the country.

I encourage others to do what we’ve done. You will thank me later. Start out slow, set some goals, use, and eat less but only good foods. My son said yesterday “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!”

I have updated the SuperFoods Chart. Check out the website God gave us the gift of life and health and we can do a lot more with it if we control ourselves and live healthy.

Funny thing, some people have seen my weigh loss and looked very concerned. They asked, “Did you get sick?” “Heck yes,” I said, “Sick of being 30 pounds over weight and tired all the time!”