Steve Involved in Top-notch British Production: “Keys of the Kingdom”

by Steve Ray on December 23, 2010

Last summer I was in England to give a series of talks at two conferences. While there, I was interviewed for a top-notch Brithish production entitled KEYS OF THE KINGDOM.

This documentary centers on St. Peter and the Papacy through the centuries. There is a rising movement among orthodox, fired-up Catholics in Great Britain to reconvert their country to the Catholic Faith.

This is a great documentary, with gorgeous music, interesting interviews and a profound explanation of the papacy from Peter until today. We have procured a limited number of these DVDs to sell in the United States. You can learn more and purchase them at my webstore at

For a short trailer preview the YouTube video below. Enjoy!

This would make a great gift for someone curious about the Catholic Church or why we have a pope.

To learn more or to purchase the full length DVD at our introductory price, click here.

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