Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last summer I was in England to give a series of talks at two conferences. While there, I was interviewed for a top-notch Brithish production entitled KEYS OF THE KINGDOM.

This documentary centers on St. Peter and the Papacy through the centuries. There is a rising movement among orthodox, fired-up Catholics in Great Britain to reconvert their country to the Catholic Faith.

This is a great documentary, with gorgeous music, interesting interviews and a profound explanation of the papacy from Peter until today. We have procured a limited number of these DVDs to sell in the United States. You can learn more and purchase them at my webstore at

For a short trailer preview the YouTube video below. Enjoy!

This would make a great gift for someone curious about the Catholic Church or why we have a pope.

To learn more or to purchase the full length DVD at our introductory price, click here.


Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on December 23, 2010

Here are the questions I answered on Catholic Answers Live on Wednesday. You can listen to the archived show here. For more info on listening options, click here.

It was a great show and lots of fun too. Good people with good questions.


1) Why do Catholics have the Apocrypha and why is it important?

2) What is an indulgence and why is is important?

3) Is it acceptable for a non-Catholic to participate in the liturgy and prayers at Mass, and to pray the Rosary?

4) I was baptized as an LDS (Mormon). Is it valid or would I need to be baptized again in the Catholic Church?

5) What do you think of Francis Schaeffer’s son Frank Schaeffer?

6) I want to read my way into the Catholic Church like you did – what books should I read?

7) Why are Catholics required to confess their sins to a priest?

8) Can you clarify the reference to Mary as co-mediatrix?

9) Do you think priests and the Catholic Church are living up to or embodying the ideals you are speaking of?

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