Saturday, December 4, 2010

Try To Catch Us Now!

by Steve Ray on December 4, 2010

NOTICE: On our 34th anniversary Janet and I were notified to our great joy that grandchild #9 is on the way.

Jesse and Anna are overjoyed to announce they are pregnant. They are delighted and we are full of joy!

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Celebrating Today!

by Steve Ray on December 4, 2010

Today Janet and I have been married 34 years – and loving it! First best decision of my life. (The second was for our family to become Catholic.)

Janet is the best friend, partner, lover, gift, and mother to my children that God could have ever dreamt up. Thank you God and thank you Janet.

And thanks to her parents for raising her so well and letting that young punk kid (me at 21years old) marry her :-)

Today we will celebrate by going to Mass, then out to dinner, an evening with our kids and grandkids and watching an old movie (back when they still knew how to make them).