Comedian with a Secular Audience…

by Steve Ray on November 24, 2010

… this was NOT in a church. Attached is a short video showing Steve Harvey, a comedian, addressing a secular audience.

The subject is “How Would You Introduce Christ to a Room Full of People?”

It’s hard to imagine that this is a comedian and not a preacher, and this is an audience… and not a congregation.

With all the vulgar, four-letter-word laced profanity that so many comedians spout today… this introduction from comedian Steve Harvey to a secular audience was absolutely awe-inspiring.

I thought it might brighten your day. Enjoy… (To see it larger, visit YouTube here.)

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Jeff Tan November 25, 2010 at 9:33 AM

That was awesome, Steve. Thank you very much for sharing! It certainly brightened me up.

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