An Atheist Comments on the “Priestly Scandal”

by Steve Ray on November 23, 2010

Though I obviously do not agree with everything this atheist writes on the matter, I think he is being more objective and fair than most anyone else in the secular media with all their hysteria and exaggerations and ready accusations. I think this is a good read for honest people to get a better perspective on the matter — and that from an atheist.


“With all the newspaper headlines about predatory paedophiles in smocks, terrified altar boys and cover-ups by officials at the Vatican, it is hard to think of anything worse right now than a sexually abusive priest. Yet today‚Äôs reaction to those allegations of sexual abuse is also deeply problematic. For it is a reaction informed more by prejudice and illiberalism than by anything resembling a principled secularism, and one which also threatens to harm individuals, families, society and liberty.”

For the whole article, click here.

For my previous posts on this topic especially the bias against the Catholic Church when this problem is far more prevelent in other institutions especially Protestant churches, click here.

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