Monday, November 22, 2010

Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on November 22, 2010

Tonight the topic was “The Power of Kindness in Apologetics” and the phone lines were hopping! For info on various ways to listen to the archived show, click here. Here is the audio link to the archived show.

First, I promised Sheila I would post a link to my blog on Water Baptism and Becoming Born Again. Her boyfriend has “accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior” which he calls “baptized in the word,” but he has not been baptized in water.

I would suggest Sheila read the blog I wrote as a starting point. You can read it here.

These are the questions I answered tonight:

1. How can I approach my daughter about returning to the Catholic Faith?
2. I haven’t seen my brother in years and he is married to a non-Catholic. How do I bring up the Faith in the short time I am with him?
3. How do I explain the importance of water baptism to my boyfriend and his family?
4. My brother is gay and our conversations always get emotional. Can you offer any advice?
5. My husband is Muslim and our children are favoring his religion; what should I do? (answer short due to time.)


Nuns on Oprah AGAIN!

by Steve Ray on November 22, 2010

From my friend Sister Joseph Andrew:

We’ll be on Oprah’s Show again on Tuesday (Nov. 23) – if you wish to watch!  She could not have been more happy to see us!  God is touching her heart, it certainly appears!! She even mentioned her rosary which the Sisters gave her last time….no idea whether that will make it through the editors!  Please spread the word and beg God to be able to use our efforts for His greater glory!


Pope Benedict Discusses Condoms and the Spread of AIDS

by Steve Ray on November 22, 2010

What did the Pope Ready Say? Find out the TRUTH before the secular Media spins it into anti-Catholic hype:

51OtSkdt9iL._SL500_AA300_An excerpt from Light of the World, Peter Seewald’s book-length interview with Pope Benedict XVI

From Chapter 11, “The Journeys of a Shepherd,” pages 117-119:

The Question the Pope was Asked: “On the occasion of your trip to Africa in March 2009, the Vatican’s policy on AIDs once again became the target of media criticism. Twenty-five percent of all AIDs victims around the world today are treated in Catholic facilities. In some countries, such as Lesotho, for example, the statistic is 40 percent. In Africa you stated that the Church’s traditional teaching has proven to be the only sure way to stop the spread of HIV. Critics, including critics from the Church’s own ranks, object that it is madness to forbid a high-risk population to use condoms.”

Go here for the Pope’s answer and more — the full context of his answer which L’Osservatore Romano failed to provide!

What does the Holy Father really say about condoms in the new book?

By Dr. Janet E. Smith

This week, Light of the World, a book-length interview given by Pope Benedict XVI to journalist Peter Seewald, will be released worldwide. Several of the Holy Father’s statements have already started making news, particularly his comments regarding condom usage in the prevention of the spread of HIV.

To the charge that “It is madness to forbid a high-risk population to use condoms,” in the context of an extended answer on the help the Church is giving AIDs victims and the need to fight the banalization of sexuality, Pope Benedict replied …


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Bishop Aqila

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