“This is what Islam teaches you?”

by Steve Ray on October 15, 2010

7bb0d8694a928f2c06ee7a3e6795.jpegNot to long ago I was shopping with my wife. A Muslim woman was in front of us in line and arguing with the cashier. I knew she was Muslim because of the hijab around her head. I waited patiently.

The cashier said, “The store says only one per customer.” The woman argued, “I want 21 so give them to me!” The cashier repeated, “I don’t make the rules, I just have to abide by them. The store says the sale is only one per customer.”

The Muslim woman started yelling at the clerk. She went on and on. Finally I said, “Lady, just follow the rules!” She turned on me like a viper and said, “It is none of your business.” I said, “Yes it is because I am stuck here waiting for you since you don’t want to follow the simple rules of the store.”

She said, “F**k you!” I was surprised and so was everyone else standing around. So I said loudly, “Oh, is this what Mohammed teaches you? Is this what we learn from Islam?”

She quickly bought her one item and exited the store. Now I am not inclined to confront people like this for no reason, but Americans have become so cowardly and politically correct that we fear ever saying what we think. We cower in fear that a Muslim or a rude person, or potty mouth might not like us or might yell at us.

Well, the heck with that. I gave up political correctness long ago. I despise the cowardice and stupidity of political correctness and letting wrongheaded ideas and bullies rule the world. We should not insult people, we should respect people, we should love people, but we should also be honest and live in the real world.

All it takes for evil to conquer is for a few good men and women to say and do nothing.

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Jackie Peiffer October 15, 2010 at 9:33 AM

Steve, I totally agree with you. I am curious to know what you thought about the Bill O’Reilly interview on the View :\

Susan Abbe October 15, 2010 at 11:48 AM

Good for you Steve….

Ahmed October 20, 2010 at 10:25 AM

well, my friend, regardless of my approving or disapproving of this website’s content because inviting people to join your religion doesn’t have to involve insulting other religions, however let me ask you on question, are all Christians good people, are they all a good image of their respectable religion, are they all Maria, do they all obey to the rules of how to be a good christian, I don’t think so.

What if this lady didn’t wear Hijab, would you have still told this story, would you have told it this way, I don’t think so.

No offense man, But I believe you chose a wrong way to present your case.



Ahmed November 9, 2010 at 2:09 PM

well, about that, that woman who’s publicly advertising for Islam as you mentioned is clearly not the best image of Islam, and if you take a closer look at Islam, you’ll find that she being wearing Hijab is part of her faith, her relation with Allah, it has nothing to do with being a human being and facing the world, the point I am mentioning is that people started judging by the way a person looks, not how he truly is, and if that woman really did those things you mentioned earlier, then she’s not a representation for Islam, she’s a bad mannered person, not a bad mannered Muslim, there’s a difference.

I am not saying that all Muslims are perfect with perfect manners, there are good and bad people as in Christians as in Jews as in people with no religion whatsoever, but what I can say loud and clear with a confident heart is, Islam is perfect, adhering to it completely or not is what makes a person a good person or not.

I would like to tell you about myself, I am Muslim, living in Cairo, Egypt, My best friend in the world is Christian, I didn’t tell him you’re a bad person, you will go to hell, I never do this, my religion will never allow me to, the most I can do is be myself be good adhere to my religion and be a good friend, as Islam advises us saying, and forgive my poor translation, “Invite to the way of Allah, with the wisdom and beautiful example”

I would also like to tell you a little bit about how Islam was spread in the world, but the space here won’t really allow me, but I will tell you a small part of it, back in the days in the era when Muslims were all over the map opening cities and telling people about Islam, not killing people as enemies of Islam prefer to claim, giving them the option of getting in Islam or staying the way they are, and keeping their churches or religious places, and providing them with safety, anyways I am not going to say more in this as there is just too much to be said, but what I wanted to say regarding this part, is Muslims back in these days didn’t do much in the southern part of Africa, at all, so how was Islam spread in African southern parts, it was spread by Trade, too many trade lines were going from northern parts of Africa to southern parts, people converted Islam just because of the way merchants used to deal with them, their honesty, their manners, all this was a reason to have most of the southern parts of Africa Muslim countries.

Read more about Islam from a neutral source, before judging from dealing with some ill-mannered people, read for your own knowledge, not for anything.

Also read this, a normal human being, western liberated and everything and that the route she chose.


watch this video too, just know what I am talking about:

Have a good day, friend.

sop October 11, 2013 at 8:10 AM

Just a couple of thoughts here- I’ve often comes across Muslims who look down upon you for wearing clothes that they believe/perceive to be skimpy/scanty or not worthy of their respect. They use their hijab/niqab as the ‘Holier than Thou’ garment to look down upon others. And one is expected to tolerate it when they use their ‘symbols’ of Islam (some people say its supposed to signify their relationship with God and not other people!!) to scorn non-Muslims. And there are countless number of such people roaming the streets not just in India but the world over!. But point a finger at their crude civic sense (and we see a lot of this in India) and you touch a raw nerve with them which almost links to their Religious beliefs or values. They care too little for man made laws, simple rules of conduct, rules of educational institutions, etc. Yes there is a difference between a bad mannered person and a bad mannered Muslim…but when the number of bad mannered persons gets thrown up by the same group more often than not..it makes one wonder!!

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