“Christian” School Textbooks

by Steve Ray on October 13, 2010

sc000c435eThere are many Catholics who send their kids to “Christian” (READ: Protestant) schools. This is of course their right, but not all of them know what their children are being taught.

Here are a few pages from a textbook we used for our kids before we became Catholic.

This is typical of “Christian” school textbooks. What does this kind of bigotry against the Catholic Church do to kids?

They read it as gospel truth and it is taught by the teacher without even blushing.

The arrogance and anti-Catholic bigotry fills the pages of many of these textbooks. It is good for Catholics to realize what some schools teach about the Catholic faith.



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Patrick Fisk February 17, 2012 at 2:21 PM

As Christ said, “many will come in my name”, only the church I founded will prevail against all who would deny me.
A catholic who found his way home to CHRIST

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