Catholic Answers Live & Loving Technology!

by Steve Ray on August 20, 2010

I will post the link to the audio archives on Monday when the link is ready at Catholic Answers.

Link for Real Audio For other listening options:

I am writing this on my iPhone at 34,000 feet above the heartland of America. Below is a real-time map of our location. Very cool!

I am on my way to Anacortes Washington, just north of Seattle. I will be joining Tim Staples to teach there this weekend.

On the way I will be stopping to use a conference room at a Hampton Inn to use my laptop and iPhone as the guest on Catholic Answers Live tonight. The topic is Open Forum for Non-Catholics.

Questions I Answered:

1) Will there still be a Purgatory after judgment day?
2) Who do Catholics believe are God’s chosen people?
3) Why do the Eastern Orthodox churches not believe in the Immaculate Conception like the Catholic Church does?
4) How do Christians explain why people are sometimes born with disabilities?
5) I am divorced and remarried and my husband is offended that the Church doesn’t recognize our marriage. What is your advice?
6) How do we decide which traditions to follow?
7) If Mary was without sin, why does she praise God as her savior?

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