Defending Good Seminary Professors

by Steve Ray on July 29, 2010

dr_smithSomeone challenged the qualifications of a few professors I know and it seems Canon Lawyer (another friend) took a bit of justified umbrage. The two professors I know are Ralph Martin and Janet Smith who teach at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Other names mentioned are Christopher West (Theology of the Body) and George Weigel.

The antagonist challenged Janet Smith’s credentials based on Canon Law. Well, this puts the debate right in Ed’s court, so to speak.

Ed Peters wrote: The answer to a canonical question is seldom found in a single canon. A simple observation, one would think, but it is routinely overlooked by canonical amateurs, often, with inconsequential results, of course, but sometimes with ludicrous ones. Take, for example, a recent post by one “skellmeyer” who, citing Canon 253, suggests that Dr. Janet Smith is unqualified to teach in a Catholic seminary!

Read the whole article here. You can see Janet Smith’s website here. She is a great lady, teaching and a leading opponent of contraceptives based on Catholic teaching.

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