Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poop and the Ray Family

by Steve Ray on July 29, 2010

I had to think twice before posting this. But my daughter Charlotte (the author; college graduation picture to the right) and my wife said it was OK —  and since others have enjoyed and laughed — well, I thought I’d share it with a wider audience.

Charlotte was writing to a friend who was a medic in Iraq to prepare him to meet our family. We have taken my aged parents into our home. My son and his family are renting their house out so they can live with us to help with my parents — since we are traveling six months out of the year. He and Anna have four kids from seven years old down to one year old.

So we have four generations living in our home, from one year old up to ninety-one years old. My parents are celebrating their 71st anniversary. (See their picture on my couch below.)

So, here is our daughter’s e-mail to her friend who was preparing to come home from Iraq.

“I can’t wait for you to come to Michigan and meet my family. I hope SO much that you like them.

Dad and Mom

We are kind of a strange family as you can already probably tell, but I think it’s great! I think we are like the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. We are noisy, we are happy, we are opinionated, and we laugh at just about anything.

We are made up of 10 months old all the way to 91 years old! Weird things go on in my house. I was just thinking about it last night and it really hit me just how weird and funny (and strange) some of the things are.

For instance … pooping is a really big deal in my house! Ha ha. With 3 kids, a baby, and now a constipated grandpa of 91 years old, when someone poops you are bound to hear about it! Even if it’s just “MOM, I POOPED, COME WIPE ME!”.

Bella(Picture to right: Bella under my desk).

Last night Anna caught baby Bella just as she was pushing and about to poop in her diaper so she set her on the toilet to see what would happen. I think every single person in my family was crowded into the bathroom laughing and clapping and taking pictures of little baby Bella pooping on the huge toilet! The kids STILL haven’t stopped talking about it!

We don’t crowd around and clap for my grandpa or anything, but we do congratulate him, share the good news, and write it down in his hospice journal. LOL. This is really making me laugh writing this!

It’s really not as bad as it sounds, we are not a gross family I promise. We are refined and well educated too
so it’s not all bad. Is your family crazy or are they really prim and proper?”

I have to say, I love being a father, a grandfather a son — and a family. God knew what he was doing!


Obama Healthcare Leaves Opening for Abortion

by Steve Ray on July 29, 2010

Obama health-care policy leaves opening for abortion funding, says Congressional report

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has issued a memo indicating that an executive order by President Barack Obama does not fully resolve the issue of abortion funding in the new health-care bill. The CRS memo has prompted a group of Republican members of the US Senate to call for more effective safeguards against taxpayer funding of abortion. . . .

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Defending Good Seminary Professors

by Steve Ray on July 29, 2010

dr_smithSomeone challenged the qualifications of a few professors I know and it seems Canon Lawyer (another friend) took a bit of justified umbrage. The two professors I know are Ralph Martin and Janet Smith who teach at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Other names mentioned are Christopher West (Theology of the Body) and George Weigel.

The antagonist challenged Janet Smith’s credentials based on Canon Law. Well, this puts the debate right in Ed’s court, so to speak.

Ed Peters wrote: The answer to a canonical question is seldom found in a single canon. A simple observation, one would think, but it is routinely overlooked by canonical amateurs, often, with inconsequential results, of course, but sometimes with ludicrous ones. Take, for example, a recent post by one “skellmeyer” who, citing Canon 253, suggests that Dr. Janet Smith is unqualified to teach in a Catholic seminary!

Read the whole article here. You can see Janet Smith’s website here. She is a great lady, teaching and a leading opponent of contraceptives based on Catholic teaching.


Challenge to Debate Marian Devotion

July 29, 2010

My friend Marwil from the Philippines is a great apologist and has offered to debate Marian Devotion. He would explain and defend the proposition that Marian Devotion is biblical. If you know a Protestant who would like to take Marwil up his challenge have them visit my Facebook wall at

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Catholic Software for Kids?

July 29, 2010

Does anyone know any good interactive Catholic programs for kids on iPhone or the Internet? If so, please inform us in Comments below. Thanks! For lots of good suggestions and links, visit my Facebook page here. EWTN’s Kids Club Penguin (not specifically Catholic but recommended by Catholic users here) Catholic Trivia Junior version in the […]

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