Sorry I’ve Fallen Behind

by Steve Ray on July 20, 2010

Sorry I’ve fallen behind on my blog but time is very limited and I’ve not had Internet access readily available. I’ve been limited to my iPhone.

We have been giving 2 to 3 talks a day of 2-3 hours each. Exhausting and not leaving a lot of time for getting to Internet access to update my website. But we finally get back home on Friday (after over a month away here and in Australia) and will get caught up!

You can see a lot of what we are doing and pictures on Facebook at
and on Twitter at

I can update these easy with my iPhone and other people here are adding pictures and comments too.

We are having a very productive time here teaching the Bible and the Catholic Faith and helping the Filipinos to defend the faith while supporting local apologetics groups. We are giving an 8 hour (over three evenings) over view of salvation history while speaking at high schools and colleges during the day.

I am still getting in my daily runs to keep up with the keep up with the plan of my son Jesse and I to run 1,000 miles this. Our chart is on my Home Page at Fun Stuff.

More soon!

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