Vote on Obama

by Steve Ray on July 3, 2010

CBS is running a poll on rating Obama on different aspects of his presidency such as energy, health care, etc. This is CBS, a liberal station running this poll. Please take a moment and take this very short poll. Here’s a chance to speak up!

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jerry odom July 6, 2010 at 1:31 PM

mr. prez obama is a socialist communist and is totally for the liberal agenda. he is anti-life and is anti-american. he is not a natural born american. he is a terrible president and he should be impeached.

Gary Wilson August 9, 2010 at 1:12 AM

Mr. Ray,

Upon hearing that I would be attending RCIA classes a good friend, who went to Jeruselam with you, receommended I listen to some of your CD’s. He had nothing but warm words to say about you. However, when I reviewed your web-site and the contstant negative blogging about our president, I was completely turned off to you. Of coruse I’m grateful for you leading/encouraging people to listen to God’s message for themselves, but to bring politics into the spotlight as well? This really turns me off. I still plan on giving your CD’s a chance, but when I listen to your voice, “Obama basher” will be in the back of my mind. Why can’t you teach about God, Faith and the Catholic church, and leave politics out of the discusssion?

Gary Wilson

Livonia, MI

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