Great Day with the Grandkids

by Steve Ray on June 22, 2010

IMG_0007Today they were all here and we jumped on the golf cart (the six that can hang on by themselves) and off we went through the country roads for an adventure.

In the picture you can see Dominic holding the snake we caught. He was the Keeper of the Snake. Damian was the noble “Keeper of the Jar of Black Raspberries” making sure there were enough to share with the lady folk back at home.

We picked flowers for the mom’s, climbed up the Evil Tower, picked berries, saw wild birds and had a noble, knightly adventure!

Then we came home to Jesse’s homemade mango ice cream, black raspberries in cream, and a severed head.

IMG_0009Oh, I better explain that. Each grand kid is named after a saint. Their saint’s feast day is as special as the kid’s own birthday and they celebrate both days with great pomp and circumstance.

Joshua Thomas was named after Thomas More who had his head cut off because he refused to compromise the Catholic Faith and died a martyr.

So to remember his death we always have something to remind us of his beheading.

Today it was a golden honeydew melon setting on a plate with spaghetti for hair, some eyes, a nose and a mouth.

The severed head was delicious and we all thanked God for the martyrs, especially the English martyrs Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher.

And I thanks God for families and grandchildren :-)

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Kathy Handler June 24, 2010 at 10:10 AM

Your homelife is as much an adventure as your pilgrimages! Thank you so much for the wonderful, spiritual Holy Land tour that Mike and I took with you recently. You make it all come alive!
I heard you the other night on Catholic Radio. I thought you did a great job with the caller Michael. I’m sure you wished you had more time to discuss with him. I know you would have convinced him of the Catholic beliefs of his many doubts.
I just heard you on the radio with Teresa Tomeo. Thank you for all the apologetic work you and Janet do around the world. We will be praying for you in your upcoming trip to Austrailia and the Phillipines.
God Bless You Both! You are both outstanding missionaries for the faith.
P.S. – I hope Janet catches a BIG fish!

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