Why Isn’t Obama Held Responsible for the Oil Leak? Bush Would Have Been!

by Steve Ray on June 13, 2010

senator_obamaMost Americans are assuming that British Petroleum (BP) is 100% liable (1) for the oil-well explosion of April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, and (2) for ALL damages associated with this on-going oil-well disaster.

However, an objective investigation of this disaster has NOT yet taken place. And any objective investigation will need to answer the following 10 questions:

(1) Who owns the LAND where this deep-water drilling took place … ?
(2) Who owns the OIL that has been gushing from this deep-water well … ?
(3) Who approved ALL the drilling proposals and specifications … ?
(4) Who approved ALL the drilling equipment and procedures … ?
(5) Who REGULATED each step in the drilling operation … ?
(6) Who granted waiver after waiver to the drillers of this oil well … ?
(7) Who is ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for protecting the US Gulf coast and US Gulf waters … ?
(8) Who should have required the existence of a VIABLE DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN before any deep-water drilling took place, in order to avoid the current “trial and error spectacle” … ?
(9) Who has chronically failed to require VIABLE DISASTER RECOVERY PLANS for deep-water drilling in the Gulf … ?
(10) Who is ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for coordinating a comprehensive response to a major disaster involving the US Gulf coast and US Gulf waters … ?

CONCLUSION: The honest answer to each of the above 10 questions is … the US Government. Therefore, the US Government (Obama) must also be held FINANCIALLY LIABLE and CRIMINALLY LIABLE for this oil-well disaster.

So, why is Obama getting a pass by the media? (from Joe Kozuh at jkozuh@austin.rr.com)

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