Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tolerant, Peaceful Religion?

by Steve Ray on June 13, 2010

30 Churches Threatened in Indonesia in Past Year

Thirty Christian churches in the world’s largest Muslim nation have been burned down, attacked, or threatened with being closed by authorities, according to Theophilus Bela, the Catholic president of the Jakarta Christian Communication Forum. In the city of Bogor in West Java, thousands of Catholics have been prohibited from attending Mass at their parish on Christmas, Easter, and Ascension Thursday; instead, Mass has been held at the city hall. . . .

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senator_obamaMost Americans are assuming that British Petroleum (BP) is 100% liable (1) for the oil-well explosion of April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, and (2) for ALL damages associated with this on-going oil-well disaster.

However, an objective investigation of this disaster has NOT yet taken place. And any objective investigation will need to answer the following 10 questions:

(1) Who owns the LAND where this deep-water drilling took place … ?
(2) Who owns the OIL that has been gushing from this deep-water well … ?
(3) Who approved ALL the drilling proposals and specifications … ?
(4) Who approved ALL the drilling equipment and procedures … ?
(5) Who REGULATED each step in the drilling operation … ?
(6) Who granted waiver after waiver to the drillers of this oil well … ?
(7) Who is ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for protecting the US Gulf coast and US Gulf waters … ?
(8) Who should have required the existence of a VIABLE DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN before any deep-water drilling took place, in order to avoid the current “trial and error spectacle” … ?
(9) Who has chronically failed to require VIABLE DISASTER RECOVERY PLANS for deep-water drilling in the Gulf … ?
(10) Who is ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for coordinating a comprehensive response to a major disaster involving the US Gulf coast and US Gulf waters … ?

CONCLUSION: The honest answer to each of the above 10 questions is … the US Government. Therefore, the US Government (Obama) must also be held FINANCIALLY LIABLE and CRIMINALLY LIABLE for this oil-well disaster.

So, why is Obama getting a pass by the media? (from Joe Kozuh at


Almost Home!

by Steve Ray on June 13, 2010

All the pilgrims left Israel safely and in a timely manner and should be home soon full of joy, enthusiasm, stories and pictures.