Thursday, May 27, 2010

Exploring Ancient Rome

by Steve Ray on May 27, 2010

Today we had Mass at the tomb of St. Ignatius of Antioch (my personal hero) and St. Clement of Rome. Both were ordained by the apostles.

Then we visited the Church of St. Peter’s Chains, lunch, and then toured the Roman Forum and the Roman Colosseum.

Everyone enjoyed lunch and dinner in Rome.


Protestant Sexual Abuse

by Steve Ray on May 27, 2010

The media would like us to think that sexual abuse in churches is a Catholic problem. It is not. The Catholic Church has had its problems over the last few decades with much of it being exposed in the last few years. But the problem is not a Catholic problem — in fact it is less prevalent in Catholic churches than it is in Protestant circles. I know of several sexual abuse cases of minors within Protestant churches who close associates of mine.

SheffieldUnited-68Because of the bizarre nature of a recent case, Newsweek saw fit to tell the story of just one incident that happened recently. Had it not been so bizarre we would never have heard of it. However, had it been a priest, it would have made national news even if it had NOT been so bizarre. It seems the media — or the world at large — hates the Catholic Church and Her high stand on morals. She alone has stood unbending on sexual morality. She is perceived as a great threat to the secular media. Protestant churches are not viewed as such a threat.

In this current case, parents thought their children were in good hands with this Protestant pastor and the church employees. But the story is enough to curl my hair and I hardly have any left. The pastor abused these children in an especially egregious manner.

We as Catholics should be aware that this is not a Catholic problem — it is a human problem and it is much more prevalent in other sectors of the world and Christianity than it is in the Catholic Church. However, the Catholic Church will always have brighter spotlights on her than anyone else because of her strong stand of morals AND because the enemy perceives Her to have deep pockets. Catholic diocese in the USA have now paid out billions of dollars in damages. How much will the poor victims be able to recover from the little Protestant church in the Newsweek article? It is always easier to get money from a large organization than from independent little sects.

One of our loyal readers, Ron, suggested a website which compiles news clippings about Protestant sexual abuse. Click here to visit “Ministers Sexually Abusing Children”.

By the way, in Christianity Today, the flagship magazine of Evangelical Protestantism, there was a statistic that there were 73 allegations of sexual abuse by Protestant leaders per week in the United States. 73 a week!! Where is the news media?

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