Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dr. Hahn Meets the Pope!

by Steve Ray on May 26, 2010

Today our group went to the General Audience with Pope Benedict. Dr. Scott Hahn was able to get a special ticket (he’d been working on it for a year, I think). After the final blessing he was able to meet the pope and present him with his latest books. You will see him describe it on the video.

Everyone was very happy to see the pope — most for the first time in their lives. It was a beautiful day and most had great seats. The pope goes through the crowd in his pope mobile so many get to see him up close.

After the General Audience we took the bus out the Via Appia Antica to our very nice restaurant outside under a canopy of vines with fountains gurgling behind. It was hard to break away.

We then walked across the street and descended into the St. Sebastian Catacombs, after which we had Mass in one of the seven pilgrim churches in Rome — St. Sebastians. He was a Roman soldier that converted to Christianity and was eventually martyred for his faith.

After Mass we came back to our hotel for Dr. Hahn’s excellent talk on the theology of Pope Benedict (perfect culmination to meeting him today!) and then everyone scattered to the many fine cafes in Rome for dinner and gelato.

Authority in the Church requires docility to Christ, Pope tells weekly audience
All authority in the Church comes from Christ, Pope Benedict XVI told his public audience on May 26. Therefore, holding any office “subjects the person to the mystery of Christ, making him His servant.”


Amazing Visual Tour of the Sistine Chapel

by Steve Ray on May 26, 2010

sistine-chapel-pictureSince we are here today leading the Dr. Scott Hahn and the St. Paul Center’s Rome/Assisi pilgrimage, I thought you would like to see what we are all seeing!

Through the courtesy of the Vatican Museums ….. enjoy this meditative  virtual visit of the Sistine Chapel…a timely reminder of the beauty of the Church, the magnificence of Christian art, and the impending reality of the Final Judgment.

Note by clicking on the mouse you can enjoy the visit from various vantage points! Click here.

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Two News Items

by Steve Ray on May 26, 2010

Jesuit head of Asian Catholic news agency criticizes transubstantiation
Stating that “Catholics can become fanatical about one form of the Body of Christ in the bread of the Eucharist as the REAL presence of Christ,” Father Michael Kelly, the Jesuit CEO of the Asian Catholic news agency UCA News, criticized the doctrine of transubstantiation in a May 24 column.

2.1 million pilgrims venerated Shroud
Over 2.1 million pilgrims, including Pope Benedict XVI, venerated the Shroud of Turin when it was on display in Turin’s cathedral between April 10 and May 23.

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