Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Was Joseph the Father of Jesus?

by Steve Ray on May 18, 2010

tissot-saint-joseph-375x743x72(Picture: My favorite picture of St. Joseph by Tissott)

My article a while ago in THIS ROCK Magazine is entitled Should We Call Joseph the Father of Jesus? It starts out with three options:

Joseph was possibly the biological father of Jesus, but the Gospels deny the fact, claiming he was the product of a virgin birth, making Jesus more than just a man.

Jesus is really the product of rape or other indiscretion and Joseph mercifully stepped up to the plate to help Mary and the unfortunate baby.

Joseph was not the father of Jesus because Jesus had no biological father; he was born to the Virgin Mary by the miraculously overshadowing of the Holy Spirit.

There is more than one opinion today on Joseph’s relationship to Jesus but what is the truth? Is it theologically and historically correct to refer to Joseph as the father of Jesus?

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