Tuesday, April 20, 2010

90 Year Olds Move In

by Steve Ray on April 20, 2010

My parents are 70 years married. My dad is 91. Today we moved them into our home for their last years. Four generations now in our home – 12 of us. All of us are pleased and excited!

Read Sirach 2:1-12.


Two News Items

by Steve Ray on April 20, 2010

Christians now outnumber Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa by 2 to 1

A study published on April 15 by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life has found that the number of Christians in sub-Saharan Africa grew from seven million in 1900 to 470 million today. During the same time period, the number of Muslims grew from 11 million to 234 million.

US ordination class of 2010: 31% foreign-born; 10% are converts

A survey of US seminarians who will be ordained this year has found that 31% were born outside the United States, with most coming from Mexico, Colombia, the Philippines, Poland and Vietnam.


IMG_6906I was on Catholic Answers Live Monday, April 19 at 6 PM Eastern. The topic was “Open Forum for Non-Catholics.” You can find option to the archived show here. Audio link available here.

Here are the questions I answered from non-Catholics.

1) What is the Catholic teaching on war? Jesus seems to be the kind who would be against violence.

2) The Bible says the bishops and deacon but be the husband of one wife. If they are commanded to be married, why are the bishops celibate?

3) What is the “magisterium”? I’ve heard this used but don’t know what it is.

4) I am a Lutheran and our church believes the elements are the body and blood of Christ like Catholics do. So, why aren’t we allowed to take the Eucharist in a Catholic Church? (Long discussion!)

5) Is it possible that the Church has incompetent bishops because of the large number of priest scandals through the years?

6) How can Catholics receive the Body and Blood and not be changed? I gave that up and found new faith and victory just by reading the Bible?

7) How can sinful priests confect the Eucharist and how can sinful people be allowed to eat it?