Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holy Land Pilgrimage Day One

by Steve Ray on April 8, 2010

All has gone perfectly, though one suitcase was lost. All are happy, safe and well fed. We arrived in the sunlight so all could see the Sea of Galilee as we descended into Tiberias. Dinner was great, everyone loves the hotel and the weather is magnificent.

Here is the short video so you can join us on our first day. Tomorrow we go to the Mountain of Transfiguration (Mount Tabor), to Cana to renew wedding vows, and to Nazareth to visit the place where Gabriel announced the Good News to Mary and where the Incarnation began. We will have Mass there and learn about the Silent Thirty Years of Jesus in the very place where it happened!


Standing up for the Pope! George Weigel, bestselling papal biographer and columnist, joins Raymond Arroyo on a special “World Over” this week, exclusively on EWTN. They’ll discuss the sex abuse scandal and the charges being leveled against the Vaticanand the Pope.

What is really going on – and what impact is this having on the Church’s moral authority? Don’t miss this special edition of the “World Over, which premieres at 8 p.m. ET, Friday, April 9, 2010 on the EWTN Global Catholic Network. (To find out where to view EWTN in your area, please go to


Why so Few Muslims Convert to Christianity

by Steve Ray on April 8, 2010

Because they know there is a gun pointed at their head. This story is typical. Egypt is considered a moderate Muslim Arab country but it is still a capital offense to convert to Christianity. The only way to be a Christian is to be a visitor or born a Christian. I’ve talked with Muslims in Egypt about this a number of times and they think it is the proper way to keep their country Muslim.

Amid threats from family, Egyptians ex-Muslim receives conversion certificate
Maher al-Gohari, an Egyptian who quietly converted from Islam three decades ago, petitioned a court to change his religion on his ID card from Islam to Christianity. In response, the court asked al-Gohari to provide a conversion certificate, which the Coptic Orthodox Church has issued for the first time. Al-Gohari said last year that since his conversion became public, his younger brother has wanted to kill him: “he’s been waiting for me outside my building with a gun.”