The Ripe Fruit of Islam again seen in Pakistan

by Steve Ray on March 22, 2010

“Pakistan: rape and torture are penalty for Christians’ failure to renounce faith
In a brutal display of Islamic extremism, a Pakistani Christian who refused to renounce his faith was set on fire by Muslim militants. When police arrived on the scene, rather than helping the man, they raped his wife while the couple’s children watched the atrocities.”

The only thing I would disagree with is the word “extremism.” This is the ripe fruit of Islam, following in the footsteps of their prophet, and dealing with infidels the way the Quran teaches.

Pakistani Christian girl enslaved by police officer, burned alive
A Christian girl from the eastern Pakistani city of Sheikhupura was enslaved by a Muslim police officer and burned alive. “The girl had been enslaved by a woman, Sama, a ‘dealer’ of youth sold as prostitutes or slaves to wealthy Muslim families,” according to Fides, the news agency of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. “Once she convinced Kiran’s mother (with false promises and illusions) to take her, Kiran was forced to file a complaint against her own parents (for non-existent violence), threatening that otherwise they would be killed.”

Bangladesh: 50 Christians injured in Muslim attacks

Armed with knives, bricks, and sticks, a group of Muslims attacked Christian villagers in Bangladesh on March 20, injuring 50.

Wake up America!

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Brother Ed March 23, 2010 at 10:03 AM

Yes, how kind and loving their “god” is. Make no mistake about it, THIS is REAL Islam. The people who are Muslims who wouldn’t do this are IINO’s, just like our pro-abort CINO’s. I don’t trust them. They do not follow the teachings of the Koran which tells them to kill all the infidels.

One wonders what the liberals in this country will do when, after working so hard to introduce Islam to America and shut down the hated and despised Catholic Church, they stand with a sword at their throats and are TOLD (something that Catholics would never do) “Convert or die!!”

That should be fun to watch. The look of betrayal on their faces will be


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